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The IMembership Interface


This page is a stub and work in progress

Introduce members to the DAO upon installation through the IMembership interface.

Interface IMembership

/// @notice An interface to be implemented by DAO plugins that define membership.
interface IMembership {
/// @notice Emitted when members are added to the DAO plugin.
/// @param members The list of new members being added.
event MembersAdded(address[] members);

/// @notice Emitted when members are removed from the DAO plugin.
/// @param members The list of existing members being removed.
event MembersRemoved(address[] members);

/// @notice Emitted to announce the membership being defined by a contract.
/// @param definingContract The contract defining the membership.
event MembershipContractAnnounced(address indexed definingContract);

/// @notice Checks if an account is a member of the DAO.
/// @param _account The address of the account to be checked.
/// @return Whether the account is a member or not.
/// @dev This function must be implemented in the plugin contract that introduces the members to the DAO.
function isMember(address _account) external view returns (bool);

Introducing Members directly

event MembersAdded(address[] members)

event MembersRemoved(address[] members)
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