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Plugin Implementation Contract

How to build an Upgradeable Plugin implementation contract

In this guide, we'll build a SimpleStorage Upgradeable plugin which all it does is storing a number.

The Plugin contract is the one containing all the logic we'd like to implement on the DAO.

1. Set up the initialize function

Make sure you have the initializer of your plugin well set up. Please review our guide on how to do that here if you haven't already.

Once you this is done, let's dive into several implementations and builds, as can be expected for Upgradeable plugins.

2. Adding your plugin implementation logic

In our first build, we want to add an authorized storeNumber function to the contract - allowing a caller holding the STORE_PERMISSION_ID permission to change the stored value similar to what we did for the non-upgradeable SimpleAdmin Plugin:

import {PluginUUPSUpgradeable, IDAO} '@aragon/osx/core/plugin/PluginUUPSUpgradeable.sol';

/// @title SimpleStorage build 1
contract SimpleStorageBuild1 is PluginUUPSUpgradeable {
bytes32 public constant STORE_PERMISSION_ID = keccak256('STORE_PERMISSION');

uint256 public number; // added in build 1

/// @notice Initializes the plugin when build 1 is installed.
function initializeBuild1(IDAO _dao, uint256 _number) external initializer {
number = _number;

function storeNumber(uint256 _number) external auth(STORE_PERMISSION_ID) {
number = _number;

3. Plugin done, PluginSetup contract next!

Now that we have the logic for the plugin implemented, we'll need to define how this plugin should be installed/uninstalled from a DAO. In the next step, we'll write the PluginSetup contract - the one containing the installation, uninstallation, and upgrading instructions for the plugin.

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