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How to Initialize Upgradeable Plugins

To deploy your implementation contract via the UUPS pattern (ERC-1822), you inherit from the PluginUUPSUpgradeable contract.

We must protect it from being set up multiple times by using OpenZepplin's initializer modifier made available through Initalizable. In order to do this, we will call the internal function __PluginUUPSUpgradeable_init(IDAO _dao) function available through the PluginUUPSUpgradeable base contract to store the IDAO _dao reference in the right place.


This has to be called - otherwise, anyone else could call the plugin's initialization with whatever params they wanted.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
pragma solidity 0.8.21;

import {PluginUUPSUpgradeable, IDAO} '@aragon/osx/core/plugin/PluginUUPSUpgradeable.sol';

/// @title SimpleStorage build 1
contract SimpleStorageBuild1 is PluginUUPSUpgradeable {
uint256 public number; // added in build 1

/// @notice Initializes the plugin when build 1 is installed.
function initializeBuild1(IDAO _dao, uint256 _number) external initializer {
number = _number;

Keep in mind that in order to discriminate between the different initialize functions of your different builds, we name the initialize function initializeBuild1. This becomes more demanding for subsequent builds of your plugin.

Initializing Subsequent Builds

Since you have chosen to build an upgradeable plugin, you can publish subsequent builds of plugin and allow the users to update from an earlier build without losing the storage.


Do not inherit from previous versions as this can mess up the inheritance chain. Instead, write self-contained contracts by simply copying the code or modifying the file in your git repo.

In this example, we wrote a SimpleStorageBuild2 contract and added a new storage variable address public account;. Because users can freshly install the new version or update from build 1, we now have to write two initializer functions: initializeBuild2 and initializeFromBuild1 in our Plugin implementation contract.

/// @title SimpleStorage build 2
contract SimpleStorageBuild2 is PluginUUPSUpgradeable {
uint256 public number; // added in build 1
address public account; // added in build 2

/// @notice Initializes the plugin when build 2 is installed.
function initializeBuild2(
IDAO _dao,
uint256 _number,
address _account
) external reinitializer(2) {
number = _number;
account = _account;

/// @notice Initializes the plugin when the update from build 1 to build 2 is applied.
/// @dev The initialization of `SimpleStorageBuild1` has already happened.
function initializeFromBuild1(IDAO _dao, address _account) external reinitializer(2) {
account = _account;

In general, for each version for which you want to support updates from, you have to provide a separate initializeFromBuildX function taking care of initializing the storage and transferring the helpers and permissions of the previous version into the same state as if it had been freshly installed.

Each initializeBuildX must be protected with a modifier that allows it to be only called once.

In contrast to build 1, we now must use OpenZeppelin's modifier reinitializer(uint8 build) for build 2 instead of modifier initializer because it allows us to execute 255 subsequent initializations. More specifically, we used reinitializer(2) here for our build 2. Note that we could also have used function initializeBuild1(IDAO _dao, uint256 _number) external reinitializer(1) for build 1 because initializer and reinitializer(1) are equivalent statements. For build 3, we must use reinitializer(3), for build 4 reinitializer(4) and so on.

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