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How It Works

The Aragon OSx DAO Framework

The Aragon OSx protocol is a DAO framework structured as follows:

Overview of the Aragon OSx protocol with its structural components and their responsibilities: the governance layer constituted by the framework DAO, the code layer including the framework and core contracts, which depends on external libraries and services

Code Layer

The foundation of the Aragon OSx protocol is the code layer constituted by the core and framework related contracts. The core contracts provide the core primitives intended to be used by users and implemented by developers of the DAO framework. The framework contracts provide the infrastructure to easily create and manage your DAOs and plugins easy. Both are built on top of external dependencies, most notably the OpenZeppelin and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) contracts.

The core and framework contracts are free to use, and no additional fees are charged.

Governance Layer

To govern the framework infrastructure, an Aragon OSx Framework DAO is deployed constituting the governance layer of the Aragon OSx protocol.

In the next sections, you will learn more about the individual components of the framework.

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