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Aragon OSx

The Contracts Behind the Protocol

The Aragon OSx protocol allows you to customize your DAO by managing contract permissions or developing your own plugin. To add the contracts to your project, open a terminal in your projects root folder and type

yarn add @aragon/osx

To import the contracts into your Solidity project, use

// SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
pragma solidity 0.8.17;

import {Plugin, IDAO} from '@aragon/osx/core/plugin/Plugin.sol';

contract MyCoolPlugin is Plugin {
// ...


  • @aragon/osx/core includes the core primitives for you to use and build upon. The folders /plugin and /permission contain the parts you need to build your own plugin.
  • @aragon/osx/framework includes framework-related contracts running the Aragon OSx protocol infrastructure. The contract /plugin/setup/PluginSetup.sol is everything you need to write a plugin setup.
  • @aragon/osx/plugins includes governance plugins developed by Aragon and shipped with the launch of our new protocol.
  • @aragon/osx/token includes governance token implementations that can be used inside your plugin.


This documentation is divided into conceptual and practical sections as well as the reference guide.

  • Conceptual How It Works articles explain the architecture behind our protocol.
  • Practical How-to Guides teach you how to use and leverage our protocol
  • The Reference Guide generated from the NatSpec comments of the latest @aragon/osx release documents each individual Solididty contract, function, and variable.
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