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Customizing your DAO

To add features beyond the base functionality available, you can customize your Aragon OSx DAO by installing a wide variety of plugins.

Plugins can be related to:

  • Governance: provides the DAO with different decision-making mechanisms such as token or address-based majority voting, conviction voting, optimistic governance, or direct execution from an admin address. They are characterized by requiring the EXECUTE_PERMISSION_ID permission on the DAO. Advanced governance architectures are possible by having multiple governance plugins simultaneously.

  • Asset Management: allows the DAO to manage its treasury or use it to invest (e.g., in lending, staking, or NFT mints).

  • Membership: determines who will be a part of the DAO and what role they have. This can mean minting governance tokens like ERC-20, NFTs, or any other token standard. Typically, membership-related plugins grant permissions based on token ownership or maintenance of a curated list of addresses.

  • And anything else that comes to mind!

In the next section, we will learn more about plugins, how they work, and who owns and manages them.

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